Manage account Embed (Add/update card, Pay outstanding invoices and cancel/upgrade/downgrade/reactivate subscription)


This embed will require code to be placed in your server

  1. Go to "Embeddables"
  2. Click on Billing Settings
  3. Select your backend language/framework
  4. Place the server code in your server
  5. Place the client code on the client, and insert the token from the server when a logged in user visits the page
  6. Customers can now add/update a funding source and cancel/reactivate their subscriptions using this page

Billing Settings options

In the init for a request embed, these are the options which can customize the embed

Attribute Type Description
url string
selector Element The element you want to turn into a form
handleResponse function(response) a function which gets called after billing operations occur
token string A JSON web token for the user account being managed (generated by the server code)
[disablePlanChange] boolean if true, a customer will not be able to change their plan using the embeddable
[serviceInstanceId] string If specified, only pull up the billing settings for this specific instance, useful if your customers can have multiple subscriptions and you don't want them to see all of them on one page

Example Billing Settings Config

        url : " ", 
        selector : document.getElementById('subill-management-form'),
        handleResponse : (response) => { 
        token: "INSERT_TOKEN_HERE",
        disablePlanChange: false


  • If your language/framework is not available, you can use a JSON Web Token library to generate a token.
  • The server side code can be reused for the seat management embed as it also uses a JSON Web Token
  • Changing a pricing plan will trigger a webhook call